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ALL our classes are Online English Classes  which solve the problem of student location. You can be anywhere in the world.

Classes can be one to one or small groups for companies based on the levels of the students. 

One to one students can choose their schedules based on their needs.

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Experience online learning

Whether you are needing to improve your Business communication, learn and develop your Business Soft Skills or develop your General English abilities we are hear to assist you

Online classes may scheduling easier than ever before. No having to be at the office or in a classroom. All you need is your laptop, or tablet and a stable internet connection.

Read Our Blogs.

Our Blogs cover Business English, Business Soft Skills, General English, Grammar, Phrasal Verbs and Idioms and Learning English.

Here is our special booklet on

Presentations Vocabulary and Phrases.

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What Our Learners Say

Thank you Sharon for this first lesson. It was a great moment for me and I feel better about my English after this hour. I’m looking forward to the next lesson.

Have a great day. Valérie

It was a pleasure to learn and collaborate with you and it was always funny and pleasant to discuss about everything.
Thank you again for your time, your exercises, and your good mood 🙂

I wish you a lot of success in your projects!


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