Question Words


Question Words

Do you know how you use question words including who, where, what, why, which,when and how?    Check out the little table below to see how to use each word.




Who    Person

Who What WhereWho will answer the phone?

What      Specific Thing, Object 

what why when   What is that?

Which    Choice, Alternative

which when why   

Which way do I go?

Where    Position, Place

where which how why

Where are you going?

When  Time, Occasion, Moment

when why what


When will the train arrive?

Why    Reason, Explanation

why what whenWhy did you do that?

How  Way, Manner, Form

who when how


How do I train my dog?

Now practice using the Question words. 

Look at the statemenets below and complete the question sentence using one of these question words.

who,    what,    where,    why,   which,   when,   how.


1)  I’m catching the train tonight                        ……….   time are you catching the train?

2)  My phone rang this afternoon                      ……….   called you this afternoon?

3)  I had to drive to the appointment                ……….    route did you take?

4)  Can you see my glasses?                                ………. did you have them last?

5) I have been off work sick                              ………. do you feel now?

6)  I’m hungry!                                                      ……….  is dinner?

7)  The bus was late again.                                  ………. was the bus late


The answers are below

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Answers  1 What, 2 Who, 3 which, 4 Where, 5 How, 6, When, 7 Why

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