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More BUSINESS ENGLISH IDIOMS  is the second in the series of our business idioms.

Remember that idioms are not informal English. We use idioms in general  English and in Business English.  Companies, Businesses, and even Industries can develop idioms that relate to them. 

These idioms you be used in many workplaces.  



The ball is in your court.

It is up to you to make the next decision

or step.

They were negotiating the contract but the ball was now in the opponent’s court.


Be glad to see the back of 

Be happy when the person leaves or

a thing finishes

The boss was incompetent, so they were pleased to see the back of him.


Against the clock.

Rushed and short on time

The project had to be completed soon so they were working against the clock.


Get along with

To have a good relationship with someone

The HR team got along well with each other.



Up for grabs


Available for anyone.


Now their competition closed down their contracts are up for grabs.


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