Why Textspeak Became So Popular?

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Buy The English Language Coach 25 txt speaking terms for business The English Language Coach

Why textspeak became so popular?

Many people don’t realise why textspeak became so popular. Text Speak is used by all age groups who have access to a mobile phone, social media, or instant messaging. Some abbreviations are used more by teens, such as POS, parents-over-shoulder. Businesses use textspeak like FYI.

Textspeak, also known as a texting language or an SMS language, is an abbreviated language, which evolved when texting on phones was invented. In the days before smartphones, text messages, on mobile phones, were restricted to 160 characters. Users developed ways to shorten words to enable the sending of longer messages.

Some of the words that are part of text speak were already in everyday use, including ASAP and ETC. Most textspeak words are not slang words, although, as with anything, there will be some slang words. With more businesses using instant messaging to contact colleagues, bosses, and even clients, it is not even considered informal in many situations.

While our text messages are no longer limited to 160 characters, textspeak is often faster and easier to use, as it is here to stay.

Check out our list of 25 text-speak terms you can use in Business.


FAIC As Far As I’m Concerned

CLM Career Limiting Move

CYA Cover Your Ass -or- See Ya

DD Due Diligence

DQYDJ Don’t Quit Your Day Job

DRIB Don’t Read If Busy

EOD End Of Day -or- End Of Discussion

EOM End Of Message

EOT End Of Thread/Text/Transmission

ESO Equipment Smarter than Operator

FYI For Your Information

GMTA Great Minds Think Alike

HIOOC Help, I’m Out Of Coffee

KISS Keep It Simple Stupid

NWR Not Work Related

OTP On The Phone

P&C Private & Confidential

TBA To Be Announced -or To Be Advised

TBD To Be Determined or To Be Decided

TWIMC To Whom It May Concern

TIA Thanks In Advance

WIIFM What’s In It For Me

WTG Way To Go

YW You’re welcome

TGIF Thank God it’s Friday






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