12 Business Idioms For Managers

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12 Business Idioms For Managers

Here are 12 Business Idioms for managers. I hope you enjoy reading, remembering and using them:)

1) Steep learning curve

The initial difficulty of learning something that is considered to be very challenging.

The manager thought the new employee showed great potential but knew it would be a steep learning curve to get him up to speed.

2) Tied Up With

They are busy or being used, with the result that they are not available for anything else.

The boss was tied up in meetings all day.

3) At The Top Of The List.

If something is at the top of the list, it is of highest priority, most important, most urgent, or the next in one’s line of attention.

My manager kept giving me more work to do and he said all had to be at the top of my list!!

4) To Get Someone Up To Speed

To update someone on the current situation or to give them all the necessary information to allow them to complete their task or fulfil their mission.

We had a great company induction program so all our new staff members can get up to speed in a very short time.

5) From The Ground Up

To build or start something from nothing, from zero.

She had built the company from the ground up and now runs a successful corporation.

6) Sticker Shock

To be scared, dismayed, or intimidated by seeing the cost of something you are considering buying.

Having second thoughts when you realize exactly how much something is going to cost you.

They got sticker shock when they learned how much the extension to the factory would cost.

7) Game Changer

An event that changes everything. Some kind of upheaval that makes people re-evaluate how they are doing business.

The increased production capabilities would be a real game changer.

8) Gatekeeper

The gatekeeper is the person who controls access to the powerful person or boss who can make financial decisions. A “gatekeeper” is often an executive assistant.

She knew she needed to find out who the CEO’s gatekeeper was if she wanted to get a meeting with him.

9) Put The Cart Before The Horse

To do or think about things in the wrong order.

Planning how to spend your profits before you have opened the business is putting the cart before the horse.

10) Red Tape

Official rules and processes that seem excessive and unnecessary.

The costs of doing business are dramatically increased when there is a lot of red tape.

11) Stand One’s Ground

To not change one’s opinion or position.

They tried to re-negotiate my contract but I stood my ground and said no.

12) No Strings Attached

Something is given without involving special demands or limits.

They tried to tell me I could get a free car with no strings attached but I didn’t believe them.

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