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Corporate Sessions.

My Corporate sessions are popular with both large and small businesses. They are designed for the learner who has been taught English previously, maybe back in their school days, but either never really learned to speak fluently and confidently in English or just feels rusty.

My intensive immersion lessons, where you are only allowed to speak English, will quickly refresh your knowledge of English, and I will have you soon speaking English both fluently and confidently.

I have a background in Sales and Marketing, Negotiation, HR, Management, IT, Admin, and General Business Practice. I teach Business English from a background-knowledge, not just from a textbook.

When speaking in English, you don’t just need Business English, you need Everyday English as well, so with all our corporate students, I tailor-make courses that include both Business English and Everyday English lesson plans.

I am very patient and friendly. I treat you as equals and not like you were a kid at schools. I also understand that you are busy business people, so I only give homework if you request it. I do encourage you to read and listen to as much English as you can and provide reading and listening sources.

Get your group of up to 4 learners together. Learners should be about the same level.

For Corporate learners, we suggest either a 1 x 90 -minute lesson per week or 2 x 60-minute lessons.


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Corporate Classes 60-minutes


10 Lessons up to 4 Learners 350€


20 Lessons up to  4 Learners 600€



Corporate Classes 90-minutes


10 Lessons up to 4 Learners 550€


20 Lessons up to 4 Learners 1000€



Group Sessions,   For past students.

These sessions are great for those who need to keep their level of English brush-up and continue to improve their spoken English.

Often after you have completed a course you want to keep practising speaking, listening and thinking but no one around you speaks Engish!

These sessions are great for that.    Sessions are dependent on demand so please contact me regarding bookings.  Sessions are just 5€ each but there must be 4 or more in a session.