Die große Liste, wie wir HELLO auf Englisch sagen

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We have many ways of how we say hello to people. Some are formal but many are informal and casual. How we say hello can vary greatly, as each English speaking country and even areas within a country can say hello in a different way.

While many of them sound like a question that you should answer, as a greeting most are not used in that way, and the person saying them is not asking for a long response or even any response in some situations. In most cases, a simple smile and say ‘hi’ is all that is needed 🙂

Below is a list of some of the ways we say hello. Can you think of how we say HELLO in English? Do you know other words or phrases that we use to say hello?    Let me know your list:)

t Hello

t Hi

t Hi there

t How do you do.

t How are you today

t Howdy

t Gidday (mate)

t Greetings

t Hey, What’s up?

t (Good) Morning/afternoon/evening

t What’s going on.

t Hey!

t Yo

t What’s Up

t How’s everything

t How are things

t Good to see you

t Great to see you

t Nice to see you

t What’s happening

t How’s it going

t Good evening

t How are you

t Nice to meet you!

t Long time no see

t What’s new

t Look who it is!

t How have you been

t Nice to see you again.

t Greetings and salutations!

t How are you doing today

t How ur doin?

t What have you been up to

t Look what the cat dragged in!

t Good afternoon, sir, how are you today

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