Die Bedeutung des Übens von Englischkenntnissen im Sommer.

Buy the sun the importance of practising your english skills over summer The English Language Coach

Have you considered the importance of practising your English skills over summer? It is important to keep your mind working during the long 2 or 3 months, while your current academy is closed over the summer, to avoid experiencing brain drain and facing a setback once classes start again in September.

Research consistently shows that learners who do not engage in any language practice during summer tend to lose up to a third of the language skills they learnt during the academic year. 

Learners typically lose a lot of confidence and fluency and feel ‘rusty’ using English. Some learners feel they will never achieve their English language goals and give up practising. Others notice that they are at a disadvantage once they return to work and feel inferior to their other English-speaking colleagues. Those that do go back to an academy find they spend several sessions revising material that they have forgotten over the summer and spend a few weeks getting back into their learning routine,  

Are you one of these learners who spends a long time learning and practising your English skills? Do you spend a lot of money on courses at academies? Do you stop learning or even using your English skills for months over the summer? Do you feel your English skills get ‘rusty’ over the summer? Do you know that it doesn’t have to be? 

Many adult learners, especially those who use English for their job, continue to practice and learn English by taking online English classes. With online, 1-on-1 classes, you can schedule the sessions to fit your holiday activities. All you need to book is one or two hours a week at a time you want. When you return to work, you will use your English skills confidently and effortlessly, so you will have one less stress when getting back to work for the year.   

Don’t waste all the hard work you have put into achieving your current English level by not using English for months over the summer, instead continue to improve your English skills by taking online classes.  

New Learners Can Also Practice English Over Summer. 

Online sessions over the summer are also great for the learner who wants or even needs to learn and practice their English but never has time during the busy work year. 

Over the summer, Sie are more relaxed and don’t have work pressures, which can prevent them from having enough time to practice English.  Your brain is free to relax and concentrate on learning and practising English, and you have more time to devote to practice your new skill.  When you return to work, you will impress your boss, colleagues, and clients with your English skills. 

The English Language Coach is here to help you practice and improve your language skill. I am here over the summer months to keep you from getting rusty or to allow you to develop new skills. Contact me today to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.    

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