NIV Journal the Word Bibel: Perfekt für Notizen, zweispaltig, lederweich, braun, rote Schrift, Komfortdruck - Nachdenken, Notizen machen, Kunst schaffen

The NIV Journal the Word Bible is a double-column Bible designed for note-taking. It features a Leathersoft cover in brown color with red letter text. The Comfort Print technology ensures easy reading. This Bible allows users to reflect, take notes, or create art next to their favorite verses. Its key features include ample space for… Preis:  Der ursprüngliche Preis war: 49,99 €.Der aktuelle Preis lautet: 29,99 €. (Stand: 02/07/2024 19:00 PST- Einzelheiten) & Kostenloser Versand. Einzelheiten


Introducing the NIV Journal the Word Bible, the perfect companion for those who seek to deepen their spiritual journey through note-taking, reflection, and artistic expression. With its double-column layout, luxurious Leathersoft cover in a rich brown hue, and the added convenience of red letter text, this Bible is designed to inspire and engage.

One of the standout features of this Bible is its spacious margins, specifically crafted for note-taking. Whether you’re attending a sermon, participating in a Bible study, or simply reflecting on your personal devotions, these wide margins provide ample space for jotting down your thoughts, insights, and prayers. No longer will you struggle to find a separate notebook or lose track of your reflections; everything you need is right within the pages of this Bible.

But the NIV Journal the Word Bible offers more than just note-taking capabilities. It invites you to truly immerse yourself in the Word by creating art alongside your favorite verses. Whether you’re an experienced artist or simply enjoy doodling, the blank spaces throughout this Bible provide a canvas for your creativity. Let your imagination flow as you illustrate the verses that resonate with you, turning this Bible into a personalized work of art that reflects your unique spiritual journey.

In addition to its practical features, this Bible also boasts the innovative Comfort Print technology. Specially designed to enhance readability, Comfort Print ensures that your eyes effortlessly glide across the page, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the text without strain or distraction. This thoughtful feature makes reading and studying the Word a truly enjoyable experience.

The NIV Journal the Word Bible is not just a book; it’s a tool that empowers you to engage with Scripture in a meaningful and personal way. It offers a value that goes beyond its physical form, as it becomes a cherished companion on your spiritual path. Whether you’re a student, a pastor, or simply someone seeking to deepen your faith, this Bible is a valuable resource that will inspire, guide, and transform your relationship with God.

So, why settle for an ordinary Bible when you can have the NIV Journal the Word Bible? Reflect on its beautiful design, take notes that capture your insights, and create art that expresses your devotion. Let this Bible become a treasured keepsake that accompanies you on your spiritual journey, reminding you of the transformative power of God’s Word.