Nine Tips For Holding Effective Business Meetings.

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Learn nine tips for holding effective business meetings and stop wasting time at work. Business Meetings in many industries/businesses around the world are known to be a waste of time and resources, but many managers think that having a meeting shows you are at least doing something. Properly conducted meetings can be productive and a useful business tool.

Here are nine tips for holding  Effective Business Meetings.

1) Productive meetings need to have a specific purpose and a defined end result.

2)    Meetings need to have a set agenda, which is kept to and has a defined time limit. The agenda must be distributed before the meeting,  so people know what is being discussed and can prepare for it. 

3) Keep to that time limit, even if not all points have been addressed. If you allow meetings to go overtime it only encourages chatting and time-wasting.

4) The meeting Chairman must keep it moving forward and on track, so it doesn’t end up a chatty talkfest or off on another tangent.

5) If you have your meetings online, treat them as any other business meeting. The attendees should treat them as they do any business meeting, dressed, and in a quiet location.

6) If your meetings just ramble on and on and get sidetracked, do what other companies have done and introduce standing meetings. You can have stand-up online meetings.

7) Ensure only the people you need there are invited and ask yourself if you really need the meeting or could the same thing be done more effectively and efficiently by email etc.

8) Don’t have a meeting to plan the agenda for another meeting. You may be amazed at how often these happen.

9) Keep detailed minutes of the meeting and distribute it to all. Highlight any decisions made and/or who was assigned specific tasks. Good minutes help to prevent you from going over the same ground in the future.

If you would like to discuss more on how to effective business meetings or about learning Business English, please contact me, The English Language Coach.

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