Nine Negotiation Words For Business

Nine negotiation words for business The English Language Coach

Nine Negotiation Words For Business

Many of us negotiate every day at work.  Here are nine negotiation words for business that you may use or at least relate to your actions.

All have a meaning and an example.

1. To Bargain

Meaning: To negotiate the terms and conditions of a transaction.

Example: He bargained with the distributor to get the best deal

2. Highball / Lowball

Meaning: Highballing is when people price their items well above the usual market


Example: We knew we had to highball when we opened the negotiations in order to

give ourselves room to move.

Meaning: Lowball, you offer what you consider is an offer well below market value

for the goods.

Example: We knew they were desperate to make a sale so we were happy to make a

take it or leave it, lowball offer.

3. Alternative

Meaning: (of one or more things) available as another possibility or choice.

Example: If we can’t get this deal together this week we will be forced to look to an

alternative supplier.

4. Counter proposal

Meaning: An alternative proposal made in response to a previous proposal that is

regarded as unacceptable or unsatisfactory.

Example: We can not accept your initial proposal but, we have a counter-proposal,

which may meet your requirements.

5. Deadlock

Meaning: A situation, typically one involving opposing parties, in which no progress

can be made.

Example: They had almost reached an agreement but the negotiations became

deadlocked over one small condition that no one would give in on.

6. Bottom Line

Meaning: The fundamental and most important factor.

Example: Well, the bottom line is, we are only interested in this product so you can’t

tempt us by offering us other products at a discount.

7. Leverage

Meaning: Something that gives you power in a negotiation.

Example: You had heard rumours that the company was desperate to expand into

more markets but had to use you as the middle-man.

8. Trade-off

Meaning: Terms that are offered in return for something else.

Example: Lower payments over a longer period of time sounded like a fair trade-off

until we asked about interest charges.

9. To Reach A Consensus

Meaning: To come to an agreement on the topic under discussion

Example: After 3 days of hard negotiations they were able to reach a consensus.

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