Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Methods

We accept payments via, Paypal, Bizum,  or by direct debit. 


Payment must be made, in cleared funds, before the course can begin.

Please contact us to discuss payment. 

What Time Length Are The Classes?

Conversation classes, you can choose between 30 or 60-minute classes.

Individual classes, whether Business English, Business Soft Skills, or General English are  30, 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

Corporate classes, whether individual or group are 60 minutes or 90 minutes long.

Who Are Our Learners?

All our learners are Adults, ( 18+) who need to improve and build on their current levels of English.

Our learners are from pre-intermediate (A2) to proficient (C1/ C2) levels.

We have courses for individuals and corporate groups. 

If I’m Not Available For My Normal Schedule, Can I Reschedule My Lesson?

Yes, you can reschedule, if there is another time available during that week.  This is subject to availability and is limited to 2 reschedules per 10 lessons.

Do The Course Packages Have An Expiry Date?

Packages of 5 lessons must be completed within 3 months.

Packages of 10 or more must be completed within 6 months unless other prior arrangements have been made.

If you need to discuss this please email BEFORE the end of the expiry term.

Are The Teachers Qualified And Experienced Teachers?

Yes, all the teachers are qualified and experienced professional teachers.  Most are native speakers.

What Size Are The Corporate Group Classes?

Corporate group classes are up to 4 students.

They will be level tested before the classes to ensure they are all approximately the same level.

Do I Need A Laptop Or Tablet?

All you require is a computer, tablet, or mobile with a good internet connection.

So you can see the lessons clearly, we do recommend a tablet or computer. You will be reading so ensure the screen is big enough for your to read comfortably.

We also require that you use a headset or earbuds, with a microphone. This provides better sound quality and prevents sound feedback during the class.

If you wish to have a video class, where you can see and be seen by the teacher, you will need a webcam.

Can You Email Me An Invoice For The Course?

Yes of course.

You just have to email us your personal or company details and we will send your invoice by email in 1-2 working days.

Remember all courses need to be paid in cleared funds before the classes can begin.

How Often Can I Have A Class?

You can have a class as often as you wish.

Most students have one or two classes a week.

Intensive classes are  60 or 90 minutes Monday – Friday