Consejos para hablar inglés con confianza y fluidez

Tips to help you speak condifdently and fluently The English Language Coach

Here are some great tips to help you speak English confidently and fluently.

Read Out Loud  And Talk To Yourself

Reading out loud and hearing yourself speak in English helps you to increase your confidence in using English, and you become used to hearing yourself speak in English. Reading also improves your vocabulary and grammar.  Some great reading sites are BreakingNewsEnglish   y  Readlistenlearn  If you prefer to read kids books or want stories to read to your children then we recommend Storyberries.

Listen to English Every Day.

Listen to as many different English accents as possible. Don’t just listen to a standard American or British accent as you need to become familiar with as many accents as possible.

Watch Movies In English.

This helps with your listening skills. Try not to always use subtitles as you will find you are concentrating on reading and not listening.

Speak Spontaneously But Slowly

Speaking fast in your new language doesn’t mean you are great at speaking the language. You may be harder to understand, and you don’t give yourself any time to think about what you are going to say.

Relax And Have A Positive Attitude

It takes time to learn a language so just relax, have fun with it and don’t study it like you study history. English is a language you use, not just something you study and then forget about.

Learn And Study Phrases, Not Just Words. 

By learning and studying phrases, you learn vocabulary, in context, and can see how we use the word or the phrase in everyday use. Try to work out the meaning of a word by looking at the context.

Use Real English Lessons And Material  

Speak with native English speakers, so you learn to understand how we use the language, in a natural way.

Don’t Study Too Much Grammar

Learning and using English is not just about textbook grammar. Native speakers don’t sound like a textbook. Grammar can not only be used differently in different native speaking countries but grammar changes over time. You need to practice using grammar in context.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Making Mistakes

Never be afraid of making mistakes. Making mistakes means you are practicing and using the language.

Don’t Compare Your English Skills To Other English Speakers

With so many native and non-native English speakers all over the world, there are many different English accents. Don’t try to imitate them, or you will not sound natural. Just talk clearly and not too fast. Don’t be concerned if someone seems to be learning English faster than you. All learners learn at a different pace some faster some slower, so just keep practicing at your own pace.

Learn To Think In English.

Try to practice thinking in English. A good way to start is to stop translating. Then start talking to yourself in English. When doing something describe out loud what you are doing. For example, you are getting a cup of coffee, so say every action out loud. What cup do I want? I want the big blue big cup. Here is the coffee maker. I have to put water into it etc. This may sound stupid but, really you are thinking these things in your native language all the time now you have to train your mind to think in English.

I hope you have found these tips to help you speak English confidently and fluently useful.  Remember to practice everyday day:)   You can check out all the courses we have available.  We have Business English lessons for pre-intermediate through to advanced levels as well as courses for job interview and presentation skills.  We also have everyday English Lessons for pre-intermediate through to advanced and speaking, reading and thinking lessons. 


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