Speak, Listen, Think In and Use English, Naturally.

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Speak Listen Think In and use English Naturally and Confidently

Speak, Listen, Think In and Use English, Naturally and Confidently. 

In this course, I focus on you. YOU will practice how to SPEAK, LISTEN, THINK IN and USE English naturally and confidently.

Many of my students have the same problem. They learned English at schools, and sometimes in an academy, for many years but can’t speak, listen, think in or use English confidently and naturally. Some believe they must be stupid because they can’t speak English but, they are not. It’s just that you have practiced using the language.

Here I use the modern teaching methods, which allow you to develop confidence in using English and give you the ability to speak, listen, think in and use English.

I use a variety of lessons, reading, videos, and speaking topics. We chose topics that interest you so you are more motivated to practice.

They are all focused on your specific needs and wants.

The sessions may include specific grammar points and vocabulary. All sessions have corrections but, they are given in a positive way. I encourage your skills, fluency, and confidence.

I keep all sessions relaxed and fun, and it has already been proven that people learn better when not stressed when they are enjoying what they are doing.

I speak at the speed you need and am very patient. I give you time to think and speak.

My sessions are great for all ADULTS from A2 (pre-intermediate), B1 & B2 (intermediate) and C1/C2 (advanced) levels.

Lessons are 55 minutes long. 


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1 Lesson   25€