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Teen Time, Speak, Listen and Use EnglishTeen Time.  Speaking, Listening & Using English

Teen time speaking, listening & using Englis sessions are designed for 11 to 17-year-olds and they will get you thinking and using English. You will become confident in using the language.

The courses and topics are based around speaking, listening, and reading. Topics include everyday activities hanging out with friends, sports, schools or going to the movies.

The course uses lesson plans, videos, and articles. Furthermore, we encourage free-talk so you speak and think freely in English.

Grammar focused sessions can be added when you request them, or the coach notices a weakness in a particular area.

Your coach is a native English speaker. They have a relaxed, patient, and fun style.

If you are learning English in school the sessions can be used to practice and develop your class topics

Finally, you will only be speaking in English in class as we use the immersion method. This method gets you quickly using and thinking in English.  Pre-intermediate ( A2) learners right through to the advanced (C1 ) learners enjoy and benefit from these courses.

Lessons are 55 minutes or 25 minutes in length.

Take as many classes as you wish per week. Most students take 2, or more classes a week


Buy Your Lesson 55 minute Lesson Pack Here

5 lessons 90€

10 Lessons 175€

20 Lessons 340€

Buy Your Lesson 25 minute Lesson Pack Here

5 Lessons 45€

10 Lessons 87,50€

20 Lessons 170€

1 x 25 min Lesson 19€