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General English A2-C2 level

General English  for Pre-intermediate to Proficient Levels

These lessons are great for General English lessons for A2 to C2 levels.

Are you at a pre-intermediate level, where you need to do lots of speaking and listening while still needing to practice grammar and learn new vocabulary that we use every day?

Are you at an intermediate level where you may need to brush some grammar, learn more vocabulary related to everyday activities, and start to think in English?

Do you need to achieve a proficient level in English? Learn phrasal verbs, idioms, and higher-level vocabulary that relates to everyday activities. Think, in English.

In all of the lessons, we practice a little small-talk, as well.

We use the immersion method, which means that we will only speak English in class.

We a relaxed, friendly, and patient style, and you won’t feel like you are back in school. We have a strong business background as well, so we understand how the business topics are related to situations that occur every day, in your job.

We use a variety of learning tools including lesson plans, videos, audio, role plays, discussions, and more.

Homework is only given if requested, although we do always encourage our students to read and listen to as much English as they can.

All sessions are 55 minutes in length.

Note: You do not need to book all your sessions now. You can book a session 12-hours in advance any time by clicking on the book here on the menu. The session will then be deducted from the number of lessons you have purchased.


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