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Stop studying and start using English. If you have been studying English all your life e still don’t speak it, don’t you think maybe, you are doing something wrong? Maybe, you should study less and start to use English more.

At Il coach di lingua inglese, we will have you speaking, practising, and thinking in the language quickly. No boring classes, no more being treated as if you were back in primary school, and being told off for not doing your homework. At The English Language Coach, you will be treated like an adult while still having fun.

What is “studying” English?

Do you think the only way to study a language is by sitting at your computer trying to learn and memorise words? Do you copy them into a notebook, and have endless lists of words, that you don’t know how to pronounce or use in a sentence? Does your language teacher stand in front of the class, instructing you on the minute details of English grammar, without stopping to ask if you understand what they are talking about or giving you the chance to practice the grammar? Do you feel like you are drowning in grammar and words but still can’t speak or use the language? You are a typical example of someone who has been studying and not using the language, and studying like this doesn’t work for most people.

There is, however, a well-recognized form of studying that exposes you to listening and speaking as much English as possible. While your teacher coaches and helps you complete a lesson that involves you every step of the way. You spend the lesson actively participating by reading, speaking, listening, and answering questions.

The more you speak, read, and listen, the less you will study from a textbook.

Learning a language is not like studying History, Geography, or Literature at school, where you memorised a huge amount of information before an exam, dumped it out at the exam so you could answer all the questions, and then forgot about it.

Learning English is more like driving a car. You need to learn to change gears, position the car, control the speed, and drive smoothly. To begin with, the driving may be rough and slow, but as you practice and gain confidence with driving, your speed improves, and so does the smoothness of the drive.

Learning a language is like driving, especially when learning grammar. Many learners tell me they want to know the basics of grammar but don’t want to know all the minute details. Most people want to drive a car but don’t want to understand how an engine works. If you know how to build a car engine but don’t know how to drive car, you won’t be able to drive.

Practising and using a language is the same. You need to train your ears to hear the words, and you need to train your brain to think in the language. You practice speaking, so it becomes normal for your mouth to move in the way it needs to pronounce the English words correctly, and so you get used to hearing yourself speaking in English.

Learn To Stop Translating

Translating, while maybe necessary when you are just beginning to learn a new language, soon stops you from improving your speaking and thinking in English.

Instead of using a dictionary that translates a word, use an online English dictionary to learn all the meanings of the word and how to pronounce the word.

By not translating, you will begin to think and speak faster in English.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Yes, you will need lots of practice, revising what you have learned at each level, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Read, speak, and listen to as much information as you can. Use little games to pick out the tense you are reviewing, or listen for specific words or phrases. MAKE IT FUN. Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean learning English has to be dry or boring.

Realise that you won’t learn everything NOW, because you won’t. But also realise that you will quite quickly learn enough to have a conversation, and that is when you will start to feel a sense of achievement. 🙂

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