Grandi modi di dire commerciali

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Di seguito una selezione di grandi modi di dire commerciali che vengono usati frequentemente ogni giorno nelle aziende di tutto il mondo.

English speakers use idioms frequently in natural everyday speech. Sometimes we don’t even realise we are using an idiom as the saying is so normal and natural to use.

There are English idioms are are known all over the world and others that are only known in some English-speaking countries or even just in a city. There are also idioms that are usually only used in business and again different businesses can have different idioms.

Remember you can not translate most idioms and grammatically many may also be incorrect. Many can’t even work out the meaning just from the words, so you do have to learn to remember the meaning of them.

When you are learning idioms it is good to learn a few everyday idioms and some that you may hear in your job. If you are talking to a colleague that they use an expression that you don’t understand don’t be afraid to ask them what it means. It may be a well-known idiom from their country or an idiom that only that company used to describe something.

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