Una riunione aziendale critica. Una storia di verbi frasali e modi di dire

A Critical Corporate Meeting A phrasal verb and idiom story The English Language Coach

A Critical Corporate Meeting. A phrasal verb and idiom story. See if you know all the meanings of the phrasal verbs and idioms. The meanings are at the bottom of the story

A Critical Corporate Meeting

In the bustling city of Metropolis, at the headquarters of GlobalTech Inc., a critical corporate meeting was scheduled. The conference room buzzed with anticipation as managers and team leaders from various departments poured in for this significant event. No one knew what to expect. Times were tough, and some feared the worst.

As the meeting began, Mr Anderson, the CEO, kicked off the session by providing an overview of the company’s recent performance. He summed up the key financial figures, which hadn’t looked promising for the last quarter. The team, however, were placated to hear that they were turning a small profit and that the new strategies were starting to pay off.

Next, Mr Smith, the head of marketing, went over the results of the latest advertising campaign. He mentioned that their marketing efforts had paid dividends and that the company’s brand image was slowly on the rise. Everyone was to hear that their marketing results were in sync with the company’s forecasts.

However, they were not out of the woods yet. Ms Roberts, the VP of Sales, pointed out that there had been another slowdown in sales in the past months and this needed to be addressed. She stated that her team had stepped up their efforts, but it was a tough market with many competitors slashing prices. She also noted that the supply chain was unreliable in some instances, and they were failing to meet some deadlines, as a result, they were letting down some stakeholders.

Mr Anderson outlined some new strategies being implemented to overcome these setbacks while urging everyone to get on board with the company’s strategies, and assuring them that additional resources would be provided to assist them with sales.

After the meeting, the team exchanged ideas and discussed the new strategies to get ahead in the market. They knew it was an increasingly challenging market and the company was in a rocky situation, but they banked on the new plans to keep their heads above the water until the economy improved.

In the end, the meeting concluded on a positive note, with the team feeling both reassured and motivated and ready to move the needle for GlobalTech Inc. The managers understood the need to hit the ground running in the coming weeks to ensure the company’s continued presence in the marketplace.

Phrasal Verbs

Poured in: To enter or flow into a place in large numbers or quantities.

Kicked off: To start or initiate an event or activity.

Summed up: To provide a concise summary or overview of a topic.

Pay off: To yield positive results or benefits from an effort or investment.

Went over: To review or examine something in detail.

Pointed out: To bring attention to or mention something.

Stepped up: To increase one’s efforts or take on a more prominent role.

Letting down: To disappoint or fail to meet expectations.

Get ahead: To make progress or advance in one’s career, life, or a specific situation.

Banked on: To rely on or depend on someone or something with confidence.

Paid dividends: To directly benefit someone for something they have done.

Out of the woods: To be free from a difficult or dangerous situation or to have overcome a problem or challenge.

Get on board: To become involved in or support a particular project, plan, or effort.

Hit the ground running: To start a task or project quickly and energetically.

Move the needle: To make a significant impact or change.

Keep their heads above water: To manage to survive or cope with a difficult situation, especially a challenging or stressful one.

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