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Job interview and Presentation Skills

Practice your Job Interview and Presentation Skills. 


Get advice on your resume and practice your job interview skills.  We will look at your vocabulary and grammar you are using, the typical questions that are currently being asked at job interviews and we will look at your body language and general presentation as well.


Learn how to give a presentation.  Learn the key sections of a presentation and how you link them to any visual display. Learn how to keep the audience engaged and how to not sound boring.  Practice giving a short presentation.  Watch an expert give a presentation and discuss it.  Roleplay giving a presentation.

We use a variety of learning tools including lesson plans, videos, audio, role plays, discussions and more.

Homework is only given if requested, although we do always encourage our students to read and listen to as much English as they can.

All sessions are 55 minutes in length.

Note: You do not need to book all your sessions now. You can book a session 12-hours in advance any time by clicking on the book here on the menu. The session will then be deducted from the number of lessons you have purchased.


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