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We have a variety of courses for our 1 on 1 and  Group and Corporate classes.

‘The English Language Coach’ offers courses in Business English, Everyday English, and Speaking and Reading Practice. Our courses are designed to help you improve your English as easily as possible.

Our ‘Speaking and Reading Practice’ courses are designed to increase your confidence in using the language. You will also improve your intonation, clarity and of course, your vocabulary. These courses are great for people who don’t want to do formal lessons but want to practice using English. Learners who haven’t spoken or read English in a while, also find these sessions useful. These lessons are suitable for pre-intermediate learners to advanced levels.

The ‘Everyday English’ courses are based around our great lesson plans that cover everyday activities and are designed to get you thinking and using English. The lessons involve reading, speaking, listening, and may even involve writing. Grammar is also practiced in these sessions. There are courses for pre-intermediate through to advanced learners.

Our Courses, The English Language Coach‘Business English’ has courses for everyone, whether you are a sales and marketing person, an administrator, an HR person, a Manager, in IT, etc. We have lesson plans that will teach you business English but we will also discuss business ideas and practices as well. You will do reading, conversation, listening and even grammar practice in the lessons. You will, of course, develop your confidence and your ability to think in English. There are courses available for Pre-intermediate to Advanced levels.

We teach all our courses using the immersion method, so only English is spoken in the lessons.

Our teachers are all native English speakers, and we pride ourselves on our relaxed, patient and helpful style. We never treat our learners as if they were back at primary school. We also recognize that our learners lead busy lives, so we only give homework if the learner requests it.

In our classes, we expect our learners to do most of the talking so come prepared to speak 🙂

Prices  below are for 1 x 60-minute lesson. 

For individual classes.

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