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Speaking and Reading Practice.

The Speaking and Reading practice levels are perfect for the pre-intermediate ( A2) learners through to C1/C2 (advanced levels).

We have Speaking, Reading, and Thinking classes for adults and younger teens.

Why we need to practice our conversational skills.

Many language academies and schools who teach English, teach you lots of grammar and vocabulary. They may teach you some reading and writing, but most don’t allow you to speak, listen, think-in, and generally use the language. If you don’t learn to speak in English, you are not able to learn the language. 

Many learners don’t feel very confident when it comes to speaking in English, and that is where we can help you. We are experienced with getting learners talking in English. 

Do you worry about making a mistake and looking silly? Well, don’t. We want to hear you making mistakes as that shows you are speaking and trying. We want to hear those mistakes. 

We are native English speakers, and they have a relaxed, patient manner, which makes the lessons enjoyable.

The Speaking, Reading, and Thinking course is perfect for a person who needs to practice speaking in English or hasn’t spoken English for a while. We tailor-make the conversation to your level.

The Sessions for younger teens are great for those who are learning English at school or a language academy but are not getting the speaking, listening, reading, and thinking, opportunities they need to be able to use the language.  

We only teach using the immersion method, so you rapidly gain confidence in using and thinking in English.