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Speaking and Reading Practice.

Speaking Practice.

These lessons are where you can have an everyday conversation, practice your small talk, or have a discussion about a current event.

There are no set lesson plans in this course.

Informal English conversation encourages you to practice speaking and thinking in English.

You can talk about your family, what you did today, your last holiday, what you did at work today or anything that will get you speaking and thinking in English.

Come and have a relaxed chat.:)

Reading Practice.

In these lessons, you read out loud so you practice speaking clearly and with intonation. We discuss what you are reading, so you ensure you understand what you are reading, you learn new vocabulary, and you gain confidence in speaking and thinking in English.

You may bring your own articles or document to read, or we can read and discuss news items, poems, and short stories and fun kids’ books, like Dr. Seuss.

The Speaking and Reading Practice courses together help you to rapidly improve your English level.

The Speaking and Reading practice is perfect for a person who need to practice speaking in English or hasn’t spoken English for a while.

They are also great for the learner who has a high level of English, but who doesn’t get the opportunity to speak English that often, and doesn’t want to lose their English speaking ability.

 All the teachers are native English speakers, and they have a relaxed, patient manner, which makes the lessons enjoyable.

We only teach using the immersion method, so you rapidly gain confidence in using and thinking in English.

The Speaking and Reading practice levels are perfect for the pre-intermediate ( A2) learners through to C1/C2 (advanced levels).

Conversation Practice

Conversation Practice

Reading and Discussion Practice

Reading and Discussion Practice