The English LanguagecCoach

ABOUT US,  The English Language Coach

The English Language Coach helps you to gain confidence when speaking English.

My learners have one thing in common. They all learned English at school. They learned lots of grammar and lists of vocabulary. They learned to read and write a little, and they learned to pass their English exams. They couldn’t speak, listen to and think, in English. They all, however, knew they needed to gain confidence in speaking English. They needed to practice speaking, thinking in, listening to and, using English naturally. And so they came to the English Language Coach.

I have a very relaxed coaching style, which makes you feel relaxed and confident with your English skills. I am here to help you to improve your English abilities.

I am a native English speaker, fully qualified, and have been teaching online full-time for several years. I speak slowly, so you can understand me, and very patient. I also like to make the sessions fun and enjoyable, whatever you are practising.

I have a strong business background, which my business students find particularly useful as I can relate to their job. I have corporate clients from many companies, including 3M, Parkers, Air France, Disney, and Fintech.


My learners are adults who are pre-intermediate (A2) or higher. They may have learned English at school but never had to use English very much. They now need to practice and improve their English for business, for further studies, job interviews, or immigration purposes. My learners all have the same request. They don’t want to feel as if they are back in school. I also appreciate that they lead busy lives and work long hours so often they have no time for homework.

We only speak English in class. Only speaking in English encourages you to think in English, so you rapidly gain confidence in using the language. You do most of the speaking in class. I focus on your needs rather than following a textbook.

I am currently learning Spanish, so I know what it is like to learn a language. I understand what it is like to speak a new language and to understand native speakers. This is why I can help and guide you as you practice and gain confidence in using English.