Everyday English Intermediate (B1-B2)

23 students

Everyday English Intermediate (B1-B2)

This course is perfect for the intermediate learner who wants to continue to practice and improve their English. The topics cover many everyday topics that the average English speaker encounters regularly.

In the lessons, you will practice speaking and listening. You will write answers to questions. You will read out loud, to practice your pronunciation and intonation. You will get some new vocabulary and practice your grammar. Finally, you will be required to think, have discussions and a conversation in English. In all lessons, we also practice a little small-talk.

Our learners find our 55-minute lessons to be the most convenient, and it allows for plenty of talk-time practice. Many of our students take two lessons a week.

We use the immersion method, which means that we only speak English in class. New vocabulary is explained to you using English words you already know. 

We have a relaxed, friendly, and patient, style and you won’t feel like you are back in primary school. We work at your pace, so you can never feel left behind.  

You will receive a copy of the lesson that we use in class, and it will have the answer, so you can use it to review the lesson. We also have other hand-outs relating to grammar and vocabulary that we give from time to time. 

Homework is only given if requested, although we do always encourage our students to read and listen to as much English as the can. We can provide sources for English reading if you require it. 

Our lesson list shows only some of the lessons available, and we tailor-make our courses to your needs and interests. 

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