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Do you know you can practice speaking English Online?  Many people ask how to improve and learn English conversation. They want and need to improve their spoken English for business or pleasure but just don’t know how to. Traditional methods of studying lessons from a book, or listening to blogs and vlogs have failed to get them speaking in English as there is no interaction. You can’t have a conversation with a Blog or Vlog. They can’t correct you if you make an error, and they can’t reward when you do good work. Going to regular school classes with a formal school teacher can also mean you don’t get the opportunity to speak, as they teach formal lessons from a textbook, and usually, don’t encourage any speaking in class.

Everyone knows the best way to improve your English speaking skills is to speak with a native English speaker. However, what do you do if you have no access to native English speakers? You may live in an area with no native English speakers, or you may have no access to a traditional English language class. It may be good to seek out an online English-speaking course. Online courses allow you to talk directly with your teacher, something you don’t get from a book or podcast. A traditional classroom may offer some of the same benefits, but often there can be ten or more students in a class, and you will only get very limited opportunity to speak. Even if there is a class in your area which offers conversation practice, you may not be able to attend because it is during work hours or when you have other things planned.

With a one-on-one lesson, you also get personalized attention, and you work at your pace rather than at the pace of the class. You do most of the talking and reading. You are also thinking in English. With a one-on-one class, you take it at a time that suits you and in a location where you are comfortable and relaxed. With an online speaking class, you quickly increase your confidence and fluency when speaking in English.

When deciding what to look for in an English-speaking class, it is important to consider what you need. Pre-intermediate level learners may need more lesson plans than more advanced learners, and we have great lesson plans that are fun and interesting. All levels need to have speaking, listening, and thinking practice, so you need a teacher who will let you have an interesting conversation or discussion.

At The English Language Coach, all the lessons are structured so you do most of the talking and reading, out-loud, so you get used to speaking and hearing yourself speak in English. You will soon start to feel that speaking in English is normal and natural. All our classes are immersion-based, so you are only allowed to speak in English. We also strongly encourage you not to translate in your head but to think in English. Your confidence increases, as does your fluency, along with your ability to think in English.


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