At The Airport, A Phrasal Verb Story

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At the Airport, a phrasal verb story.

At the Airport, a phrasal verb story is an example of how we use many phrasal verbs when speaking everyday English. Phrasal verbs are usually considered a more informal way of speaking but are often a more natural way of speaking and are commonly used by all English speakers in most situations, including in business situations.
Remember, many phrasal verbs have more than one meaning, so while they have one meaning in this story, they may have a different meaning in another story, or situation. You need to look at the context when deciding the meaning of a phrasal verb.

I hope you enjoy the story

At the Airport, a phrasal verb story.

Buy At the airport A phrasal verb story The English Language Coach

I was heading off on a business trip. My colleague said he would drop me off at the airport. We set off for the airport early so we didn’t get stuck in rush hour traffic, and when we pulled up at the airport, he dropped me at the door to the departure area. I got out of the car and hurried up to the counter, where I checked in my suitcase and showed the assistant my carry-on luggage. They told me the plane was held up, and would be late taking off. I went through the security checks, where they patted me down and checked my bag. I decided to have a look at the duty-free shops and to pick up a newspaper and a snack for on the plane. Finally, I got on the plane, sat downput on my earphones, opened up the newspaper, and settled down for the flight.

Here are the meanings of all the Phrasal Verbs used in the At the Airport story

heading off – Head off to start a journey

drop me off -Take someone to a place and leave them there.

set off – To start a journey.

stuck in To be unable to move ( in the traffic)

pulled up – (of a vehicle) To come to a stop.

got out of – To leave (the car).

hurried up – To move fast and not waste time.

carry on – Items you can take on the plane.

check-in – Arrive and register at the airport and give them your suitcase at the airport.

held up –  (hold up)  To have a delay when travelling.

take off – When a plane departs or leaves the ground.

patted down To touch someone’s clothes to check whether they are carrying something such as a weapon or illegal drugs.

look at -To glance or look at something, especially in a quick, informal.

picked up – To purchase something.

got on – boarded

sat down To move to a sitting position.

put on – To start wearing something.

open up – To open it from a folded position.

settled down – To relax, get comfortable

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