About Us


Our Teachers

Our teachers are all native English speakers who are qualified, experienced teachers. We have easy to understand accents. Speak at a pace you understand and are patient. We have a relaxed style and like to be fun while also being professional. We have business backgrounds which our Business Students find particularly useful as we can relate to your jobs.

Our Students

Our learners are adults who are pre-intermediate or higher. They may have learned English at school but never had to use English very much. They now need to practice and improve their English for business, for further studies or immigration purposes. Our learners all have the same request. They don’t want to be treated like they are back in school. They also appreciate that they lead very busy lives and work long hours so often homework is not an option.

Our Method

We use the immersion method, which means all our learners only speak English in the class. This encourages you to think in English, and you rapidly gain confidence in using the language. You do most of the speaking in class, and we focus on your needs rather than following a textbook.