An A to Z of Phrasal Verbs Using UP

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An A to Z of phrasal verbs using UP

Today we are going to look at common English usage by looking at an A to Z of Phrasal Verbs Using UP.   Native English speakers use phrasal verbs a lot, and there are a huge number of phrasal verbs. Just to show just how common they are, I have below a list of phrasal verbs for UP, one for each letter of the alphabet except X. Many phrasal verbs have more than one meaning, and there is more than one phrasal verb for UP for many of the letters, and even the example I’ve given can have more than one meaning, so this is just a sample:)

You may never learn all phrasal verbs, so how do you work out the meaning of a phrasal verb when you come across one? The key is to look at the context it is used in. The context may be the sentence, the paragraph, the subject, or even the body language of the user. 

Take a look at the list and think of how many other phrasal verbs with UP you can think of. 

I’d love to see your list:)

A Add-upMeaning: to seem reasonable or likely: He told the Police what happened but the Police didn’t think his story added up.
BButton-upMeaning: to do up the button: Button up your coat as it is cold outside.
CCut-upMeaning: to upset someone emotionally He was pretty cut-up after he lost his job.
DDo-upMeaning: to fasten something. Do up your shoes.
EEat-upMeaning: to eat all of something. Eat up your vegetables.
FFix-upMeaning: to repair. I had to fix up the old house.
GGet-upMeaning: to stand up. Get up off the couch.
HHeat-upMeaning: to make something hot again. I will heat up the soup for dinner.
IInvite-upMeaning: to ask somebody to come into your home, especially after you have been somewhere together. He invited his friends up to his apartment.
JJump-upMeaning: to stand up quickly and unexpectedly. She jumped up to answer the doorbell.
KKick-upMeaning: to complain very angrily about someone or something. He kicked up badly until he got a full refund.
LLight-upMeaning: to look happy. Her face lit up when she saw the puppy.
MMove-upMeaning: To increase your position in a job club, etc. He was determined to move up the in the company.
NNext-upMeaning: Something happening next. So next up on TV tonight is a murder mystery.
OOpen-upMeaning: to open a locked door, container, or building. She opens up the store every morning.
PPut-upMeaning: To raise something, increase the price of something or put something in a higher position. The local supermarket has put up the price of bread again.
QQueue-upMeaning: To join a line of people waiting for their turn to do something.. We had to queue up for tickets.
RRough-upMeaning: To hit and hurt (someone) He was roughed up by a bully at school.
SShut-upMeaning: If someone shuts up or if someone shuts them up, they stop talking. Will you please just shut up. ( impolite)
TTotal-upMeaning: find the total number or total amount of something by adding. The teachers totalled up your marks on the test.
UUse-upMeaning: to finish a supply of something: Don’t use up all the bread – we need some for breakfast.
VVote-upMeaning: to show that you like or agree with something on the internet by clicking on a symbol such as an arrow. My post was voted up.
WWise-upMeaning: to realize the truth about a bad situation. Wise up, Susan – He’s cheating on you!
YYield-upMeaning: to show or produce something that was hidden or difficult to find. New research has yielded up some surprising discoveries.
ZZip-upMeaning: to fasten something with a zipper. It’s cold. Zip up your jacket.

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