How to use Already, Yet, So Far

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It can be hard to learn how to use Already, Yet and so Far.

Below are easy explanations of how and when to use them.


Already is used to say that something has happened early – or earlier than it might have happened.

I’ve already planned my next holiday.        It’s 6 months before the holiday season.

It’s no use hurrying we are already late for the appointment.

 Already usually comes in mid-position.


Yet is used to talk about something, which is expected to happen. It meansat any time up to now. It is used in questions and negatives.

Haven’t you finished the report yet?           The speaker expects that report should have been finished by now

I haven’t finished it yet.   I’ll do it after lunch.

 Yet usually comes at the end of the sentence.

So far

So far means ‘up until here’ or ‘up until now’:

How do you like the management team?

I have only met the CEO so far.          I have only met the CEO up until now.

How do you like your meal?

So far it’s good!        The meal is going well up until now, but it isn’t over yet.

How is your new job?

So far so good.  Things are going well at present, but you feel that this could possibly change in the future.

So far is linked to the use of the present perfect, as the action occurs within an unfinished time period.

Now try the exercises:)

  1. Have you ……….. had lunch?
  2. If there is a lot of traffic she won’t be home …….
  3. You are very late!! The meeting has ……… started.
  4. How much weight have you lost ……..?
  5. The meeting has gone on for two hours …….
  6. Has it stopped raining ………….?
  7. We are……. late for the meeting but he probably hasn’t started the presentation………… and hopefully hasn’t noticed…….. that we are not there.

Answers below….

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Answers: 1) already, 2) yet, 3) already, 4) so far, 5) so far, 6) yet, 7) already, yet, so far

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