A Phrasal Verb Story Using KICK

Phrasl verb story kick

Don’t Kick Me Around

A Phrasal Verb Story using Kick.

Don’t kick me around is a phrasal verb story using kick. Can you understand the little story and what the phrasal verbs mean? The meanings of the phrasal verbs are below:)

Don’t Kick Me Around

It all started one afternoon when I was late for a meeting. My boss was very angry with me even after I told him that it wasn’t my fault as the train had broken down. He wouldn’t listen and kicked me out of the meeting. I didn’t like being kicked around by him, so I decided to get even. I didn’t want to look like I was kicking up a fuss, so instead, I put a plan in place and waited for the right time to kick it off. I decided to have it kick in when I was away on holiday, so no one would realize that I had done it. While on holiday I kicked back and waited to hear if my plan had worked



Kick up a fuss: object loudly or publicly to something

Kick around: Abuse or mistreat, to bully

Kick back: relax

Kick around: to treat someone in an unkind and unfair way.

Kick in: start, connect or take effect

Kick off: start of launch

Kick out: eject of throw ow or forcefully removes

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