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Practice Speaking, Reading and Thinking in English

This course is designed for learners of any level, from A2 to proficient learners, who just want to practice speaking, reading, listening and thinking in English.

Lessons are 25-mins or 55-mins in length, although the 55-minute lesson in the most popular. .

This course is perfect if you haven’t practiced English for a while and you want to refresh your language skills.

Are you going on holiday to an English speaking country and want to speak in English while holidaying?

Do you just want to retain your English speaking skills but have no English speakers to speak with?

Topics may be everyday things or are based around topics, either current affairs or topics that interest you. We use video, newspaper items, conversation starters or you can bring your own topic or reading material

This course is designed so you will be doing most of the talking, reading and thinking.

We have a relaxed, patient, and fun style. We use the immersion method so only English is spoken in the session.

Lessons are 55 minutes or 25 minutes in length.

Take as many classes as you wish per week. Most students take 2, or more classes a week

Note: You do not need to book all your sessions now. You can book a session 12-hours in advance any time by clicking on the book here on the menu. The session will then be deducted from the number of lessons you have purchased.


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20 Lessons 340€

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