Practice Using Some And Any?

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Do you know how to use SOME and ANY in a sentence?

Here you can practice by filling in the gap with the correct word.  If you are still not sure of the grammar rules for some and any, you can read the explanation at the end of the word game.

Read the sentences and fill in the gap with some or any.

1) There’s ______ money in my purse.

2) She never eats ______ meat.

3) I can speak ________ German.

4) He bought _________ new shoes.

5) We’ve got ______ furniture, but we still need a bed.

6) He couldn’t find ______ problems with the car.

7) It’s hard living in a new Country without _____ friends.


How many did you get corrrect? 🙂

Check your answers below. 🙂


1) some

2) any

3) some

4) some

5) some

6) any

7) any

If you are not sure how to use some and any here are the rules 🙂

Some and any are quantifiers. We use some and any with a noun when we don’t know the amount.

We can use some and any with countable nouns and uncountable nouns.

Do You Know How To Use Any?

You can use any in three ways,

Negative sentences,


If statements.

Here are some examples.

Negative sentences.

We use some to make negative sentences.

I don’t have any money.


We use any to make questions.

Do you have any food?

If statement.

We use any when the sentence starts with if.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them.

How Do You Use Some?

You use some in three ways,

Positive sentences,

Making offers or requests,

Asking questions, when you think the answer is yes.

Here are some examples.

Positive Sentences.

We use some to make positive sentences.

I have some time to practice my English.

Offers and Requests.

When a question is an offer or a request we use some.

Would you like some chocolate?


When You Think The Answer Is Yes, We Use Some.

We usually use any to make questions, however, when when you think the answer to the question will be yes, you can use some in a question.

Did you learn anything new today?

I’m hoping that you did learn some new words today.

Making Sentences With Some And Any.

We usually use some or any directly before the noun.

We often use some or any, without a noun when you are speaking to someone who knows the noun you are talking about.

If can’t find my socks. Do you have any I could borrow?

It is common to leave out the noun when you are answering a question.

So in reply to the sock question the person could reply,

yes, there are some in the drawer.

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