Why Choose Online English Classes??

Learn English OnlineHave You Tried Online English Classes??


Many language learners think that you can only learn by going to classes at a brick and mortar school and have never tried online English Classes. Sometimes the classes are 1 on 1 but, usually, there are 10 or more other strangers in the class, often at various levels, and you are treated like you were back in primary school. Many of the teachers expect you to do a huge amount of homework, and reprimand you if you fail to do it! The teachers stick strictly to a course-book and concentrate mainly on grammar, rather than speaking, listening, and using the language. You may go along for a few sessions but drop out as you don’t feel like you are progressing.

You also don’t like having to attend the lessons at a specific time and date, especially in the cold winter months, and you don’t like spending a lot of time commuting there and back. It just wastes time!! But you think this is the only way to learn.

Does this sound like a recent experience you have had?

Many people thought just like you until they discovered online English classes.

But you ask is it effective and the answer is YES, and I’d like to tell you why.

1) In online classes, you do most of the work. You do most of the talking and you learn not only to use but to think in the language. In online classes, you have to speak. We have articles where you have to read out loud, so your teacher knows if you can pronounce the word if you have good intonation and if you understand what you are reading.

2) Learners in classes often feel like they are not important and are being ignored. There are too many other students and the teacher doesn’t treat you as an individual. The teacher just follows the textbook and you have to follow it too. With online classes, you are the most important person, and you have input into your lessons.

3) Lessons and courses are tailor-made to your needs. You are not forced to follow a textbook with things you are not interested in. Lessons are at your pace so you don’t have to wait for the slower class members nor does the teacher race ahead of you so you are left not understanding. Your teacher is very patient, fun and relaxed so they can go through the lessons at your pace and can explain things in a way you understand.

4) There is flexibility. Unlike regular schools, where you have to attend the class on the same day at the same time and if you miss the class you miss the lesson, with a 1 on 1 online class you can book a class when you want to.

What if I’m not good with Technology, I hear you say.

People today spend may hours on the internet and they are used to reading, listening, and absorbing information via the internet. Learning online is no different. You have classes with video, or you can just use audio. The lesson plans are uploaded to Zoom, Skype, or a similar platform that is very easy to use. All you need is a laptop or tablet, and a headset with a microphone.

Don’t I need more discipline to come to online English classes?

No. You can book the lessons in advance so you have them on the same day, and time, every week. Just pop it into your diary, just like you would any with any appointment.

You also have flexibility. We know that you can get busy with work so you can book a lesson at a time to suit you.

You also don’t need to travel to and from the classroom so there is no excuse that it is too cold or wet to go out or that you will get stuck in traffic.

Business man learning English onlineWhat if  I want my staff to learn and improve their English?

Many businesses are international and the Company bosses recognize the importance of their staff being able to communicate effectively with both clients, customers, and even colleagues, in English.

We have great Corporate course packages for our Corporate clients that allow you to mix and match our Business English and Everyday English lessons so your staff knows not only how to speak business English but knows how to do the important small-talk as well.

Having your staff take an online course rather than a face-to-face course makes sense. Your staff can logon where-ever they are so you don’t have to have all your staff in one office. No one has to travel to attend the lesson. Time-wise, convenience-wise, and money-wise, learning online makes sense.

What if a friend or my partner want to come to class with me?

Some learners chose to be part of a small group, of up to 4 students, or they want to come with their partner or another family member. We make this easy you have to do is to organize the group, then chose your Group Discount Pack. Just make sure all your group members are all around the same level. The teacher, again, ensures all learners have equal talk time and a fun, relaxed session.

So why chose Online Learning??

1) It is intensive but also self-paced. You get the attention you deserve.

2) Lessons and courses are tailored to your needs and wants.

3) You can take a class anywhere you want. You just need a tablet or laptop, a headset with a microphone, and a quiet place so you can concentrate.

4)You have the flexibility to choose the time and day to take your lesson and no traveling to class.

We look forward to seeing you in your English Language Coach class soon. :):)

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