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I have a variety of courses for our 1 on 1 and  Group and Corporate classes.

‘The English Language Coach’ offers courses in Business English and Everyday English. The sessions help you gain confidence using English by practising speaking, listening, thinking in, and using English naturally.

My Business English course focuses on speaking confidently and with fluency while discussing Business skills such as meetings, management techniques, time management skills, and administrative skills. 

I tailor-make the courses to your needs and profession. You are welcome to bring items to the session to discuss.

I introduce many business phrasal verbs and idioms.

I have a course for Job Interview skills, including resume review and role-playing job interviews and interview techniques. I have sessions for Presentation writing and presentation role plays as well.  

My General English courses are for adults and teens,

The courses focus on speaking, thinking in, and using English confidently and naturally.

They are tailor-made to your level and requirements but include lesson plans, grammar points, vocabulary building.

I coach A2, B2, B2, C1, and C2 levels, pre-intermediate to proficient.

I use videos, podcasts, lesson plans, reading lessons, discussion material.


Job interview and Presentation Skills

Teen Time, Speak, Listen and Use English

Business English A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

Speak Listen Think In and use English Naturally and Confidently