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Business English courses incorporate everyday English usage while focusing on workplace activities. The immersion method is used, so we will only be speaking English during the session. This allows you to practice not only speaking and listening in English but also to think in English.

The courses cover topics including business vocabulary, business meetings, presentations, conference calls, and job interviews. 

We also focus on idioms and phrasal verbs for the workplace.

The lessons are based around discussions and conversations, although they do include vocabulary and grammar practice.

We use a range of teaching tools including lesson plans, videos, articles, and free talk. Learners can also bring their own topics to the lessons.

Specific grammar sessions can be added when the learner requests them, or the coach notices a weakness in a particular area.

Your coach is a native English speaker with a relaxed, patient, and fun style. You will never be treated like you are back in a school classroom. 

Learners from pre-intermediate ( A2) right through to the advanced (C1 ) will enjoy and benefit from these courses.

Our lesson lists show some of the lessons available in the course.  

Your course will cover what you need, and different lessons will be added as required.

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Business English B1 - B2 Level

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Job Interview and Presentation Skills

Job Interview and Presentation Skills