How to use Either or Neither

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Do you know how to use either or neither in a sentence? 

How to use either or neither.  Do you know there are different ways to use either or neither? 

Here is the meaning of the words.

Either means both, one. 

Neither means not either, none.

Positive and Negative structure.

Either is used in a negative structure, while neither is used in positive constructions.

I don’t like Brussels Sprouts. What about you?  

I don’t like them either.  I also don’t like eating Brussels Sprouts.

John doesn’t like swimming, and neither do I.

I have never been to London. I haven’t been there either

I have also never been to London or, neither have I

The girl hates dogs, and she doesn’t like cats either.

The girl does not like dogs, and she also doesn’t like cats.

Either….. Or and Neither……. Nor.

Either. or,(one or another) is used in affirmative sentences to offer a choice between two possibilities or to express a cause-and-effect situation.

You can have either a hot chocolate or a cup of coffee.

You can choose between hot chocolate and coffee.

Either >you go to Greece, or you can stay at home. 

You have two options, you can go to Greece, or you can stay at home.

I have neither the money nor the time to take a holiday right now. 

Not this one and not the other one.

Either and Neither Used on their own

Either and neither used on their own can also mean one or the other, whichever of the two, not this one and not the other one, or not one of the two.

There are buses on either side of the road. 

There are buses on both sides of the road.

Neither of my children can sing. 

Both my (two) children can not sing in tune.

I can take the bus, or I can walk. Either way, I’ll be late for work.

I can take the bus, or I can walk. I’ll be late, whichever option I decide to take.

Remember, neither is conjugated in the singular.

Neither Stacy nor Mary is a blonde.

Stacy is not a blonde. Mary is also not a blonde.

Neither of us wants to go to work today. 

I do not want to go to work today. You also do not want to go to work today. 

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