Is This You? An Average English Learner


Is this you An average English learner

Is This You? An Average English Learner

Here is a profile of an average English Learner. Is this you?

Cruz is a very typical English Learner. At school, they learnt English for several years. Cruz learnt lots of grammar and vocabulary and passed all the exams. Cruz should be good at English instead they have little confidence when using English, and they feel a little stupid.

They believe that their lack of English is affecting their job performance. At times, they feel embarrassed because their colleagues have difficulty understanding them when they speak in English and think that their native English co-workers laugh at them. Cruz doesn’t understand or know how to use idioms, expressions, and phrases to express themself. They feel challenged when participating in meetings and conference calls. They are stressed when they have a discussion with workmates, which may not even be work-related!

Cruz resorts to translating to their mother tongue and finding words and ideas in their native language, then translating them back to English. Cruz’s conversation isn’t fluent, and they are concerned that they may use the wrong words.

Cruz is concerned that this is harming their job and future career prospects. It is also having an impact on their confidence when speaking in English. Cruz feels stressed and often thinks they are not good enough when it comes to learning English, but in many ways, Cruz is an average English learner. 

If this story is familiar, it is because you are not alone. Many English learners are just like you.

With my assistance and coaching, you will improve your English communication abilities. You will feel confident speaking and listening to your colleagues, customers, and friends. You will be thinking in English and not relying on translating. Your fluency will improve, and you will feel more relaxed when using English. Along the way, you will expand your English vocabulary and tidy up any grammar errors.

I keep all the sessions relaxed, fun, and interesting. I am very patient, and I also speak at the speed you need to understand.

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